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Our consultation process allows us to create a tailored package for you, ensuring that you receive an appropriate, attentive and focused service. Our unique modular package system allows you to design your service to suit your commercial and financial needs. In addition, enhancements, upgrades and add-ons can be made at any time whether your evolving needs are product or brand- related, social or corporate networking, or direct PR

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Our team have a combined total of over 50 year’s experience in Media Services. As such we can offer well informed solutions and services for any of your PR and media needs. Our Team is a huge network of professional service associates with whom we work closely to complete your projects. This network and knowledge is part of the service we offer to realise your objectives whether this is in corporate, product or brand visibility.

Reach Your Destination

We offer expert services for your Website, Marketing, PR, Advertising, Design and Branding needs, all under one roof! This radically cuts the time and costs taken to complete multi-faceted projects as there is no need for third-party communications. We also provide support packages for launch and maintenance of your media campaigns.


Media Crush was founded by Jolyon Mason in 2015 with the goal of developing a scalable and dynamic platform for building and maintaining websites for all types of business.

Media Crush is a dedicated and experienced group of individuals with a strong track record of achievement for our clients in a range of sectors including business, leisure, arts and media and healthcare. Our group of proffesionals offers experience in a wide array of technologies which allows us to provide high end solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Our solutions can either be managed by yourselves using CruchCMS, our content managenent system which was designed and built by our team, or by us, allowing you to spend your time more constructively. It has a flexible framework which allows add-ins to be built to suit your every need, whilst also producing pages and content for your site which adheres to brand guidelines and practices which ensures you receive consistent brand recognition.

We use the latest in Microsoft technologies and servers which allows us to deliver highly secure, extremely fast solutions and, coupled with our support team, we offer some of the most reliable producst available. Previous clients include Compass Group, Arcam, VICE Magazine and Walking with the Wounded amongst others.

It Is A
4 Step Process

We approach all of our projects in the same way - 4 steps from beginning to end

Media Crush can provide you with a completely bespoke solution or a more cost-efficient customised solution using one of our pre-existing platforms. Either way, the process is essentially the same, coming together in 4 steps.









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